Check out what our Aprende Portuguese alumni think of the program!


Sarah S headshot.JPG

sarah, grove city college

"The Aprende Portuguese program did a great job easing me into the culture, while forcing me to pick up Portuguese in order to communicate. Beyond the strides I made in language learning, the fellowship was a wonderful time to grow close to other participants, make local friends, and experience the glorious natural beauty of the African islands. Three wonderful memories remain in my mind. On day one of the program, we traversed the island of Santiago, seeing villages, rugged shoreline, and sunset over the mountains. Another day, we visited the U.S. ambassador in Praia, Cape Verde's capital. Finally, we crashed zumba classes with locals, to the beat of energetic island tunes."



anna, james madison university

"Aprende Portuguese was a terrific introduction not only to the Portuguese language but into island life here on the African continent. Praia, the capital, is a tight knit community that genuinely wants you to feel "morabeza": welcoming, hospitable, safe, and tranquil spirit of the island that they truly wish for their visitors to feel.  At the same time, I appreciated the immersive experience that the program provided. As a Spanish speaker, I was eager to learn Portuguese, but unsure how to bridge the language barrier. Here, in this friendly environment, I discovered that the two languages have more similarities than differences. My teacher took learning outside of the classroom, and in doing so, plunged me into authentic experiences that accelerated my language skills and understanding of Cape Verde’s dynamic way of life. In summary, for anyone looking for a safe, economical, captivating experience, all the while learning Portuguese; I cannot recommend Aprende Portuguese enough! 


rebecca, university of minnesota

"Learning Portuguese has been one of the best decisions of my life. As the sixth most spoken language in the world, and on four different continents, Portuguese will provide you with countless opportunities.  Aprende Portuguese provided me with the perfect environment to improve my Portuguese!  It was a perfect balance for me between classes, practical application, and fun. Our teacher often took us out of the classroom to put our language skills into practice and to see different areas of the island. This allowed for an immersive experience that I would not have had as a tourist. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning Portuguese in a fun, interactive and culturally immersive environment!"

Rocky S Headshot.JPG

rocky, james madison university

"As a Portuguese learner I have always wanted to visit the countries in Africa that speak Portuguese, and Aprende Portuguese gave me that opportunity.  I was able to live the island life, and go on adventures while learning and practicing Portuguese!  My favorite part of the program was that we busted outside the classroom and learned outside with the locals.  We were able to apply our Portuguese skills in real life while exploring the country.  I had such a blast and highly recommend Aprende Portuguese to anyone who wants to learn Portuguese through immersion in paradise!"


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